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HR Leadership in a time of crisis – Part 2

The importance of routine   Each department within an organization has its own set of challenges and possible threats.  Most departments had risk management and contingency plans in place – at least for predictable risks.  I’m willing to bet, however, that very few have global pandemics on their lists of possible threats! Having been thrown […]

HR Leadership in a time of crisis – Part 1

When it comes to debt relief – encourage your staff to know their rights.   South Africa is facing a host of challenges that have affected individual’s lives on a number of levels. Our economy is in a crisis, the stock market is tanking, huge enterprises are folding and we find ourselves facing a global […]

Top 5 HR Challenges in Law Firms and how SmartHR can solve them

HR challenges in law firms can present special challenges. This is due in part to the structure of law firms and in part to the nature of legal practice. Below are the top 5 HR challenges faced by law firms with solutions from SmartHR on how to solve them.   Training One of the challenges […]

How to be an ethical leader in 6 steps

Do you want to find out how to be an ethical leader in 6 steps?  Do you want to be a leader who inspires your team to make ethical choices or be the one in the news for your bad ethical failures? How to be an ethical leader How does one be an ethical leader […]

Everything you need to know about time management

Do you ever feel like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland who said “the hurrier I go, the behinder I get”.  That you feel like you are rushed off your feet, so busy, always a full calendar and you just aren’t making any progress?  Are you always saying that you don’t know where the […]

Now trending: The Employee Experience

Employee experience is a hot topic on the web, in the press and on the airwaves. Not to be confused with company culture, employee experience also takes the technological and physical working environment into account. Put simply, the idea behind creating a great employee experience translates into providing the right tools for the job and […]

Organisational effectiveness and efficiency at different management levels

Organisational effectiveness refers to the organisation formulating goals and pursuing these goals through completion of relevant tasks. Effectiveness is concerned with getting the job done. When an organisation is efficient they are doing things right in the organisation by utilising resources so that there is no waste. These resources include financial, human, raw materials and […]

Succession Management: Are all managers leaders?

In an organisation, there can be leaders that aren’t managers and managers that aren’t leaders but in modern society, organisations should be employing managers that can lead their subordinates at each level of the organisation and by employing successful succession management to equip employees with potential for management positions to be leaders. There are a few […]