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Does money motivate performance and employee behavior?

The work behaviour of employees is crucial for organisational success as their behaviour can directly influence the organisation’s profitability and productivity. Work behaviour can be influenced by understanding what motivates and how to motivate the behaviour of employees. Motivation can be defined as “the inner desire to satisfy a need” as this definition implies, motivation […]

Maintaining healthy employee relations

A company needs to transform a few basic inputs into outputs –  the final products or services they trade for a profit. These basic inputs may differ slightly for each industry but generally, they are known as the factors of production. These general and most basic factors of production include natural resources, human resources, capital […]

Developing employees through different training methods.

Developing employees through different training methods enables them to meet their needs and the needs of the organisation. Once you’ve recruited your employees the hard part is retaining them, especially if they are knowledge workers. Developing your employees includes empowering them with new skills through organised activities which gives them the opportunity to meet their current […]

The five assets that could be essential to your business

In this day and age, the regular office equipment from the nineties does not suffice as sufficient employee equipment, and as technology has advanced so have the essential assets every employee needs to do an efficient job. The way businesses conduct their daily work has a lot to do with what assets employees have at […]

Help your employees structure their CVs

As an HR manager, one of your duties is to ensure that employees’ CV stay up to date with their newly learned skills and position changes within the organisation. By maintaining this you are not only assisting the employee in raising his/her skill and experience levels on paper, but you are also raising the standing […]


What is the difference between on-premise, hosted and cloud solutions?

Terminology concerning cloud computing is often bandied about in conversation, often incorrectly, but technically speaking there is a difference between on-premise, hosted and cloud solutions and you should understand these differences. On-premise Most systems/solutions consist of a database of some sort.  For example, a system like SmartHR has a Microsoft SQL database SQL DB) that […]

The other side of delegation

There are loads of productivity blogs available to learn from.  Many of these are aimed at business leaders who have the ability to delegate.  If you are an employee who is on the receiving end of delegation, you also need some coping strategies to avoid taking on too much. Well, here’s a post specifically designed […]

How to make employee time management pain free

Companies employ costly knowledge workers and subject experts to trade their expertise for an hourly consulting fee and collect a tidy return on their payroll investment. But financial managers often find themselves burdened with time-consuming investigations to understand why actual billings don’t match expected earnings, what causes the deficit, and how to prevent it altogether. […]

SmartHR Referral Partner Programme Announced

The developers of the SmartHR human resources management system recently announced the launch of the SmartHR Referral Partner Programme. Brendon Gass, SmartHR CEO, says the company chose a referral system over the traditional channel model because it provides greater flexibility to partners and offers protection to their customers. “We found that the classic channel approach […]

Common Payroll Problems

Payroll issues can cause dissatisfaction in an organisation when employees aren’t paid on time. Employees may become frustrated when a holiday delays their payments or when they aren’t paid before debit orders start to go off their account – putting them in possible overdraft and exposing them to expensive bank charges for ‘bounce back’ funds. […]