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What sets SmartHR apart from other HR systems?

SmartHR has been developed, tested and evolved over 14 years, hundreds of implementations and thousands of users so it’s a robust and proven solution. It was designed as an HR system from the beginning. By contrast, many competing products began as payroll or financial systems and had HR added as an afterthought. The implementation of […]

Forget big data, smart data is what counts in HR

Attracting and retaining the best talent is widely recognised to be an important success factor, if not the success factor, when it comes to achieving competitive advantage.“Unfortunately, too many companies continue to rely on poor information when it comes to manage their vital human resources,” says Brendon Gass, Director at SmartHR, a locally developed HR […]

How do HR Systems support your decision making process?

In our conversations with prospects, we’ve often been asked “How do HR Systems support your decision making process?” Decision making, as suggested in the title, is a process. When we make decisions every day we don’t realise the steps we take in selecting the best solutions to the problems and challenges we face. The decision […]

How will an HR Management System impact our bottom line?

It’s not uncommon in tough economic climates for people to try to evaluate the return on investment when making important purchasing decisions.  This blog provides some high-level answers to the question that often arises in business meetings: “How will an HR Management System impact our bottom line?” The bottom line refers to an organisation’s income […]

Why do I need an HR Solution?

I’m constantly amazed at the number of companies, in today’s always-on, fully automated, connected world, who still rely on manual or semi-automated (yet disconnected) systems to manage their vital HR requirements.   HR information is far too valuable not to store, manage and secure responsibly. So what happens when companies do not have a proper […]