Connecting the Disconnected Workforce


The SmartKiosk

SmartHR has developed SmartKiosks, self-service kiosks that give your ‘disconnected’ workforce access to the SmartESS to allow them to manage their personal profiles, apply for and manage their leave, access their payslips, log service requests with HR, and many other job-related functions.

SmartKiosks take the concept of employee self-service to a new level!

For the first time, employees who do not have access to computers – in manufacturing plants, retail locations, healthcare facilities and other disparate geographical locations and work environments – can easily access basic HR services by using the SmartKiosk to gain access to their profiles in the SmartESS portal.


  • Connection to SmartHR – The free-standing kiosk is wirelessly connected to the SmartHR database.
  • Friendly user touch screen interface to minimise the need for users to type.
  • Customisable Password PIN Protection
  • Access to:
    • SmartHR Leave Management – Apply for Leave, View Leave Application Statuses, View Leave Balances
    • Manage Personal Profile Information
    • Customisable Menu for HR Ticketing Service Requests
    • Forgot Password Feature – Sends SMS to users mobile detailing User Name and Password
    • Payslips – Using Secure SMS PIN Services
  • SMS Notifications for Leave Approvals
  • Linked to the SmartESS Ticketing Service Desk to enable the disconnected workforce to quickly request HR services and receive feedback quickly and efficiently, via SMS or telephonically
  • Brandable with your logo, help text etc.



Personalised Support

  • Single entry point for Disconnected Workforce
  • Empowered employees, leading to improved morale and increased retention
  • Automatic routing of HR service requests

Easy Communication

  • Seamless SMS mobile communication services
  • Support across multiple geographical locations

Proactive Engagement

  • Self service
  • Enhanced fast, efficient HR support
  • Access to previous interactions with employees via SmartESS Ticketing Desk

Improved Productivity

  • Rapid Implementation and easily configurable solution
  • Reduce HR admin and increase operational efficiency Lower labour and operational costs
  • Staff time savings

Components and Physical Dimensions

Android Tablet
The SmartKiosk application runs on 10” Android tablets secured in a lockable metal stand that can be bolted or secured to the floor
Base plate (footprint) 45cm wide x 40cm deep
Head Unit 32cm wide x 23cm deep
Pillar is 18cm wide x 11cm deep
Total height from floor to top of head unit 117cm
Weight 22.2Kgs