Smart CFO’s Invest in Human Capital

When you accept that your wealth is the result of human achievement, it’s impossible not to wonder how you can leverage great profit from a small increment in HR expenditure.

Successful enterprises become wealthy because of exceptional leaders and unique employees who take the helm and fill the ranks. It’s reason to consider the most important investment you’ll make in ensuring the financial health of your organisation.

In high-performance businesses, finance partners with HR to find people of great value – and keep them. Together, they collaborate on talent selection, skills retention, employee performance, payroll and personnel administration. And they use the intelligence gathered from each activity as a compass that points towards long-term profits.

Does your HR function have the right tools to deliver maximum return on investment?

SmartHR augments your financial systems to provide enhanced insight into the dynamic between the cost of acquiring and retaining talented people and the income derived from their efforts. With payroll, compliance, time management, and performance intelligence presented in management dashboards and pivotable analytics, SmartHR gives you the power to make accurate executive decisions. And from as little as R50 per employee per month, SmartHR is affordable.