SmartHR Payroll is an intelligent, affordable, online payroll solution that thinks for you and addresses all your pay and statutory requirements, while providing flexibility and customisable features and functions that can be tailored to meet an organisations specific payroll needs.
Easy to use, SmartHR Payroll is designed for any sized business and suitable as a bureau service solutions. Companies can pick and choose from a range of features and integrate them to meet their exact needs.
With SmartHR Payroll you don’t pay for inactive employees; are not bound by lengthy contracts; license fees cover all statutory updates and upgrades; there are no multiple versions; you get telephonic support and can also arrange for dedicated post-implementation support.

Features and functions

  • Global Payroll – Designed to run anywhere in the world, and in any language. Currently handles country specific tax for 20+ countries and can be rapidly deployed in new territories.
  • Legally compliant covering mandatory / non-mandatory SARS and other global requirements
  • Browser based
  • No intensive training needed
  • Full descriptions and plain language (no codes necessary)
  • Easy and accurate back-pay
  • Variance reports with drill down facilities
  • Future pay/leave pay made simple
  • Answer tax queries easily with our tax query report
  • Easily access all historic data – which is not archived and does not require restoring previous backups
  • Flexible loan management, with fixed or variable interest rate calculations
  • Unlimited number of users, each with customised access rights and passwords
  • System is data driven
  • Handles multiple tax year ends elegantly
  • Payslips can be printed in employer language and/or employee language
  • Standard and variable commission rate handling
  • Unlimited earnings and deductions
  • Can be rapidly deployed
  • Standard and Customised Reporting and Analytics
  • Standard and Complex Rules and Calculation Engine – for decreasing capital balances (loans), fringe benefits, bonus and bonus provision, leave accrual, leave encashment, leave provision, overtime and a lot more
  • Complete Audit Trails with date/time stamps on all system transactions
  • Bulk Capture functionality
  • High-level payroll processing
  • Automated updates to SARS tax tables
  • SQL-based for easy integration to 3rd party systems – e.g. general ledger of your finance system